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Coffee perfectionists

We are a team of passionate experts covering every area of the green coffee supply chain: from growing, sourcing, distribution and logistics through to quality control. Established to import and distribute the finest specialty coffees in the world, we invest in sustainable relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees. We also consider it a privilege to develop young talents.


Partner network

Our partners and sister companies at the point of origin support us immensely in our work by providing meticulous quality control during every phase of production. We visit our local partners regularly in order to learn and understand the specific challenges in their countries in depth. This way, we improve quality and invest permanently in innovation.

As a member of Neumann Kaffee Gruppe, the world’s leading green coffee service group, we are able to work with 49 partner group companies in 27 countries and an even larger number of reliable partners beyond.

Network of Neumann Kaffee Gruppe


  • Wide variety of specialty coffees: We offer more than 600 specialty coffees from more than 30 countries world-wide, most of them imported from local partner companies that are part of the Neumann Kaffee Gruppe. On the basis of our long-standing working relationships with our partners, we can offer you a tailor-made service and access to a wide range of specialty coffees.
  • Competitive prices and premium quality: Trading coffee within our world-wide network of partners and farms helps us to guarantee a competitive price and high quality standards – approved by our experienced and Q-certified Quality Management.
  • Reliable and long-term partnerships: Our suppliers and our customers are our highest priority. We therefore aim to establish mutually satisfactory, long-term business relationships – beyond one harvest season or one green coffee order.


Mirella Cielek
Managing Director

Alexander Kollodzey
Head of Logistics

Constanze Palloch

Thilo Wüst
Financial Officer

Inácio Pires Teixeira
Managing Director

Patricia Rudat

Fabian Gass
Quality Manager

Gerrit Krüger
Senior Trader

Julia Wald

Daniela Altamirano
Quality Assistant

Agnieszka Thieleke

Sabine Wichmann-Exeler

Lena Tippel
Communications Manager


Neil Barwick
Managing Director

Jackie Oliver

Tom Gammer
Trade Manager

Dolly Ransi

Michelle Groves


Andy Schumacher
Trade Manager

Christian Cvrljak
Trade Manager

Bettina Hanimann
Quality / Trade Manager

Gloria Pedroza
Quality Manager